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LED Atmospheric Analyzer Kit Now Available In The Maker Shed


One of the recently released Maker Press books, Atmospheric Monitoring with Arduino, written by Patrick Di Justo and Emily Gertz, focuses on a few simple devices that utilize the Arduino platform to collect data about the environment. An LED-based Atmospheric Analyzer is one of these devices, and we have a kit for it available in the Maker Shed.

LED’s are not only useful as a light source, but as a light sensor as well. The LED Atmospheric Analyzer Kit leverages this to create an LED photometer – a device which measures how much blue, green, and red light is penetrating the atmosphere. By determining what wavelengths of light are present you can discern how much water vapor, smog, and haze are in the air. Using the instructions in the book along with the included Maker Shield and other components, you can build the photometer right on top of your Arduino.  Try setting it up near your window and share what you find with us!

Keep your eye out for other atmospheric monitoring kits based on this book!


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