Where’s Wall-E?


Last year, illustrator Richard Sargent created this amazing poster [click to enlarge] with just about every robot from popular culture (and hid Wall-E in the midst of it). BTW: This art can make great last minute wrapping paper on your printer if you’re looking to wrap something relatively small.

36 thoughts on “Where’s Wall-E?

  1. Don’t read this unless you have made a genuine effort to find him… Look front and center to find the two robots from Silent Running, they are the ones with ‘shoulder-mounted legs’ and no arms. Wall-E is two robots behind the orange one.

  2. Star Wars is represented at least twice, but I don’t see any Star Trek (blasphemy!). Maybe realistically humanoid robots aren’t in here. I don’t see any cylons or replicants, either. Still, while that max exclude Data, it wouldn’t exclude the Borg.

    1. There is the Nomad probe from episode S02E03 of the original Star Trek series, and I found at last one cylon and the mech dog Daggit from the 1978 Battlestar Galactica. I must search harder for AstroBoy, but I think Data should be there. In any case I would like a full list of the characters/series depicted – there is a lot I don’t recognize.

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