Best of 2012: MAKE Video

This year saw the launch of several new MAKE video series that we’re particularly proud of, namely Make: Believe, profiling makers bringing the fantasy worlds of games, movies, and other fiction into the physical world, and DiResta, a twice monthly peek over the shoulder of master maker Jimmy DiResta as he realizes a project in his shop. We also did 20 project videos in our Weekend Projects series with RadioShack, ReMaking History, companion videos for Bill Gurstelle’s column of the same name in MAKE, Derek Diedricksen’s always entertaining Tiny Yellow House series, How-Tos with Matt Richardson, videos from our hugely successful 6-week summer Maker Camp on G+, and lots more. Look for all of these and new series in 2013. You can find all of our videos on MAKE’s YouTube channel (please subscribe). Click on the headlines below to access the playlist for each video series.


Make: Believe




Weekend Projects


ReMaking History


Tiny Yellow House


How-Tos with Matt Richardson


Maker Camp on G+



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