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Mindstorms Axle Sorter

Japanese Lego builder akiyuky has been featured on the MAKE blog numerous times, including his great ball contraption (and another) as well as his monster 5-axis robotic arm. This time he’s built a large robot the sole purpose of which is to sort his Lego cross axles by length. This is such a maker thing to do — to create a gloriously complicated robot to do a simple and easy thing.

6 thoughts on “Mindstorms Axle Sorter

  1. Very nice. Sorting axles that are a Lego nub length different takes a lot of eye and hand coordination and is very straining if you have a lot of them!

  2. I like to pretend that the Lego factory has a bunch of these made-from-LEGO machines doing all of the sorting, picking and bagging for making the various sets.

    /Yes, I do know what it looks like in reality, and it’s amazing. I just think making it all out of LEGO would push it over the top.

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