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OpenROV Goes to Antarctica


MAKE writer David Lang helped co-found OpenROV, the kickstarted remote-operated submersible project. One of the ROVs is currently in Antarctica (!!!) courtesy of Eric Stackpole, another of OpenROV’s co-founders.

So I’ve got to run to catch our helo flight for today, but a window of opportunity came up on Wednesday which I took. I haven’t had the time to work out all the bugs- get software fixes figured out, install an on-screen video recorder for my laptop, secure props to motor shafts, etc, but I got in the water and moved around a bit. End result–everything seems to work aside from occasional loss of connection or video feed (which is solvable) and I lost one of the props (which I’ll see if I can replace before I get home). Under-ice images were taken from SCINI which was on it’s way up from a deep dive.

Way cool!

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