tron costume

EL-wire is great stuff. It gives off a neon like-glow without generating heat or deadly high voltages. It’s simple enough for beginning makers yet can yield some impressive results! Electroluminescent wire is made from a solid piece of copper wire that’s been coated with phosphor. It’s then wound with very fine wires then covered by a protective sleeve. To activate the wire, just apply some alternating current and it will glow with a soft, 360 degree line of cool, visible light.

EL-wire is flexible enough to wrap around your finger and holds its shape well, making it perfect for a multitude of projects. Want to make a glowing dog leash or trick out your bike? It will only take a few minutes. All you’ll need for both are some zip-ties and one of the new starter kits from EZ-EL, now available in the Maker Shed. It’s available in several colors and in 10ft or 25ft lengths to illuminate a variety of project sizes.