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Plastic Canvas Needlepoint RV Lamp


I spotted this kitschy RV lamp the other day, brightening up the cream and sugar station at Acre Coffee in Petaluma, Calif. It’s made from that plastic canvas used for cross-stitch and needlepoint, and it made me smile.



14 thoughts on “Plastic Canvas Needlepoint RV Lamp

  1. Hey guys! I think it’s quite possible that this was vintage. It didn’t look super new. One of you all should try making it and post a tutorial! If you do, be sure to add a link in the comments here. : )

  2. Laura, do you remember how the lighting was added? And the wheels? There is a pattern booklet available for a fashion doll camper which could be a guide for the basic camper.

    1. I have done a covered wagon night light. It uses a 3-4 ft cord and a 7 watt bulb at the end that looks like one of the old fashioned large Christmas bulbs. There is a clip on the bulb socket. Cut a small square opening in the bottom canvas just large enough for the bulb and clip to fit into. Wouldn’t it be cute using various colored bulbs to fit the mood?

  3. I also have been looking for this pattern for about a year now and no luck in finding it. So I made my own pattern of it. As of now I am working on putting the wheels on it as well as the awning. So far it looks really nice.

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