Make Dry Ice at Home with a Fire Extinguisher and a Pillowcase

YouTuber Grant Thompson, The King of Random, recently posted this video on how to make your own batch of dry ice at home. The process requires a food-safe CO2 fire extinguisher (which he got for free at a local fire equipment servicing company) and a pillow case. The result is the solid form of carbon dioxide, which can be used for halloween effects, science experiments, or driving an engine. [via Gizmodo]

8 thoughts on “Make Dry Ice at Home with a Fire Extinguisher and a Pillowcase

  1. i didn’t know, wouldn’t have guesed that one could get away with touching dry ice with their hands like that! I thought it would have been instant frostbite!

  2. Believe it or not dry ice is pretty safe to handle as long as you don’t leave it in one place for too long. The CO2 is evaporating so fast it creates kind of barrier around it, like the old trick of spraying hairspray on your hand and lighting it on fire. You can even eat dry ice as long as you don’t keep it in one place in your mouth, and constantly move it around. Tastes like super cold carbonated ice!

    1. What you are describing Ryan is known as the Leidenfrost effect. I occurs when there is a large temperature difference between 2 objects. You can even pour liquid nitrogen on your bare skin and providing you don’t let it sit there you will be fine. It is extremely neat/interesting.

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