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Colossal Mindstorms EV3 Dragon Acts Alive


I love this fantastic dragon built from next-generation Mindstorms EV3 parts, created by the Lego Mindstorms Education EV3 team, including product designer Lee Magpili. You can see more of his work at Lego Education as well as his Flickr set. The dragon, Valentine, was built from 6 EV3 microcontroller bricks, 18 motors, and took 30 days to build. The dragon’s motors make it seem to breathe, it’s tail, eyes and mouth move, and each leg is 4DOF. Amazing. [via Joe Meno]

14 thoughts on “Colossal Mindstorms EV3 Dragon Acts Alive

  1. Just imagine how much more amazing this wonderful dragon could be if some of the Lego bricks could be customised to add a persomalised flair, if a brick could be designed, or modified, reconstructed to add a more dragony feel. Standard bricks could be down loaded from Lego in to a 3D modelling programme, worked on and 3D printed. With the right software, different groups, such as non techies, artists and younger people would be able participate in these big elaborate projects and learn so much about working as a team. Bringing together technology and the arts brings benefits to both.

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