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How-To: Brake Light Backpack for Cyclists

Brake Light Backpack

MAKE alum Becky Stern is doing great work in wearable electronics over at Adafruit these days. Her latest project? A backpack, fit with waterproof LEDs and Adafruit’s FLORA sew-on microcontroller, that provides high-sight-line brake- and turn-signals for motorcyclists and bicyclists. A FLORA add-on accelerometer automatically detects braking, and the turn signals arrows can be manually activated with a wireless keyfob. Becky makes better video tutorials than anyone I know of. Check it out.

Flora Brake Light Backpack

6 thoughts on “How-To: Brake Light Backpack for Cyclists

  1. Raven says:

    None of the motorists in my little town signal their turns. They’d probably be so confused by this that they’d run me over… :/ I love it anyway though!

  2. daikin klima servisi says:

    They’d probably be so confused by this that they’d run me over.. admin thankkss

  3. Lawton says:

    Informative video and a cool project! Are there companies out there selling this device as a complete unit? How long would the lights last on just the batteries you wired in? Thanks

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