Tai Hake works upstairs from MAKE, and I’m always happy when he comes down and shows me his latest Warhammer 40K creations. I thought I’d share his latest one, which is the most detailed one I’ve seen him create. What’s unique about his tanks is that they’re made of scavenged hard drive cases. This one in particular is a Plague Marines Chaos Rhino.

From Tai:

“I like the “stock” models from Games Workshop but the Rhinos, being a troop transport, always seemed a bit small to me. Since I had a bunch of spare hard drives and parts I thought I’d make something a little bigger. I’ve made about eight of these hard drive tanks in various configurations, but this one is the most detailed. To make these, I take out the actual drive and all of the internal parts in the drive to cut down on weight. The treads are from plastic army men tanks that you can find at any toy store. I just cut them off and sand them so they have a smooth surface to glue onto the sides of the hard drive cases, and I tend to use gap filler for any gluing. I usually use a regular nail file to sand the plastic parts, though for the hard drive itself, a Dremel tool is the best. The rest of the plastic parts and iconography are from spare Games Workshop models. I always spray the tank first with black primer, and then hand paint it to match the intended passengers.”

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