In Soviet Russia you don’t tell time. Time is told to you with a vacuum tube! Relive the Cold War (at least the neat tech part of it) with Adafuit’s Ice Tube Clock Kit. This unique clock takes about an evening to assemble and features through hole construction and a laser-cut acrylic case to give it that “icy-cool” look. Once assembled the clock will look great on your desk, cubicle, or bed side table (it even has alarm functions.) The main focus of the clock is of course the surplus Soviet vacuum florescent display (VFD) from the 1980’s which shows the time with a cool, blue glow.

“What were the displays used for” you ask? Maybe a missile command station, submarine, dead-hand system, ekranoplan, or other abandoned relic from the failed communistic society? We may never know for sure. All we know is that there are a limited amount of these tubes, and when they are gone – they are gone!

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