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Mini Maker Faire Action: Coffeebots in Jerusalem


The first Jerusalem Mini Maker Faire is getting underway at the Bloomfield Science Museum. California artists and maker teacher team Teach Me to Make (Michael Shiloh and Judy Castro) traveled to Jerusalem as guests and Maker Faire emissaries and they have been teaching some Arduino coffeebot workshops as fair warm-up exercises.

Michael and Judy’s coffeebots are simple mobile robots made out of tin cans, wheels, a battery. Lights and motors are connected to an Arduino board; the Arduino software is programmed to determine speed, stopping and steering.

Michael and Judy have been a part of Maker Faire for years, and it’s great to see them on the road at another Maker Faire halfway around the world, teaching and sharing and showing.

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Now back to some images from Teach Me to Make’s workshop in Jerusalem; we look forward to sharing more pix as the actual Jerusalem Mini Maker Faire gets underway.

Michael Shiloh and Judy Castro of Teach Me to Make are on the right.



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