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Raspberry Pi Gives Amiga a New Life

ToolKitMan describes himself as a 36-year-old Italian hardware tech with a passion for retro computers, modern computers, and consoles. Those interests explain his project: marrying an old Amiga 1200 case and keyboard with Raspbery Pi. Have a look.

Old keyboard/case, new Pi.
Keyrah Amiga 1200 case, USB hub, and Raspbery Pi.
All put together.

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14 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi Gives Amiga a New Life

    1. There are a multitude of Amiga emulators out there for Linux, so that’s just one step more. Though I’m not sure if the rPi has the oomph; it’s got to be more powerful than the original motorola 68000, but there’s the emulation layer and Linux loads as well and I haven’t got my hands on one yet. :)

  1. AROS ( http://aros.sourceforge.net/ ), which is API-compatible AmigaOS reimplementation already works on Raspberry Pi.

    Still I can’t help feeling the title should be “Amiga 1200 gives life to…” (unless it was broken beyond repair to begin with, which I hope)

  2. Only to clarify these were spare amiga 1200 parts, taken from broken Amiga 1200.
    Of course, It can run Linux! with a well known emulator called UAE it runs all the Amiga title for OCS, ECS, AGA.
    It can still run AROS for Raspberry pi that is an Amiga like OS!.
    This isnt rubbish this is recycled!!!!

    Have Fun

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