Competition among flying robots was today’s theme.

Competitive flying, glass miniatures, and hovering apparitions were all part of the First Annual Multirotor Challenge held in Fallbrook, Calif., about a hour north of San Diego. For this brainchild of the Palomar Fly Club over 50 pilots registered to compete in a variety of events. This family-friendly competition was an exciting exhibition of what multi-rotor craft can do.

Late last year three flying friends got to thinking how their club should do something in support of the new but fast-growing segment of radio control flying. Multicopter flying craft have only been available to hobbyists for around three years but, judging by the adoption and buzz, they’re taking off! Best to support this emerging segment, they thought, so planning began.


Lucian Miller flew these costumed quadcopters up and down his street on Halloween night!

Drawing from their combined decades of experience Lician, Tom, and Scott mapped it out. They’d use the club’s flying field and they’d stage classic challenges such as weight lifts, pylon races, obstacle courses. However they’d insert challenges distinctly suited for technology-rich multi-rotors. With sensors to measure geo position, elevation, orientation, motion, and more, a multirotor craft can do things such as fly programmed routes or return home autonomously. The variety was great and it was a delight to watch the action.

Weren’t in SoCal? Couldn’t attend? Then why not stage your own event?
Find quad copter enthusiasts or an R/C flyer club and get planning!
Multi-rotor craft are all the rage…and they’re great fun to fly.


Best to land this glass-frame quad with great care … you only get one mistake!