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RPi-Powered Dual Cat Feeder

Dave Bryan added a Raspberry Pi and a couple of continuous-rotation servos to a commercial cat feeder to make it dispense automatically:

Back in February I started teaching my Raspberry Pi 101 class at The Hack Factory. After the first class I think I had Pi on the brain, I was scheduled for a quick weekend trip out of town with my girlfriend, and she was due to leave her two cats behind. She said that she was going to leave a large bowl of cat food out, and with that I suggested that I build an automated cat feeder for them.

See the build instructions, Dave’s github repository, and the project’s Flickr photoset.

6 thoughts on “RPi-Powered Dual Cat Feeder

  1. But if I did that, where would be the fun in that? This should be for the public, and anyone should be able to make it them self, with their own two-hands. I could make a kit, and maybe copyright the design as a whole, but only so someone doesn’t completely rip it off, and get rich on it.

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