Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi makes a great home server. But it also makes a solid hardware development platform for makers if your needs go a bit beyond the capabilities of the Arduino, and you don’t need something quite as capable as the BeagleBone, or another ARM-based board designed specifically for talking to hardware.

But if you’ve just got your Pi and are not sure where to start, here are 10 things to connect to your Raspberry Pi, with links to tutorials and code from the guys at Raspberry Pi Sky.

24 thoughts on “10 Things to Connect to Your Raspberry Pi

    1. Yeah but the pi is great for poor people who are more likely to recycle in example use a hand me down or junked VGA monitor I myself have recovered a few perfectly functional (lcd no less) from others trash and there are a lot

  1. I’m with Katie, how much money do we need to throw at you to put a cap into these UI-dysfunctional slideshows? (props for putting a view all button there, it’s almost noticeable).

  2. I have a arduino magazine board with a
    3.2 touch screen I looking for a drag and drop softwear forprogramming

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