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New Early Release Ebook from O’Reilly: Building iPhone and iPad Electronics Projects

Congratulations to the Byte Works‘ Mike Westerfield on the early release of his upcoming O’Reilly book, Building iPhone and iPad Electronics Projects. With early release ebooks, you get access to the book in its earliest, unedited form. You also get updates when the authors makes a significant change, and you get the final ebook bundle when it’s done.

Building iPhone and iPad Electronics Projects takes a departure from typical iOS development books in that it doesn’t use Xcode. So you don’t need to use a Mac to build the projects in the book.

In fact, you don’t even need to use a computer to develop your iOS app. That’s because Mike is the creator of techBASIC, a cheap ($14.99 one-time purchase vs $99/year for Apple’s dev program) programming environment that runs right on the iOS device. And because Mike is also a big electronics geek, he’s built in support for connecting to all sorts of things—from the HiJack breakout board to Bluetooth Low Energy modules like the TI SensorTag.


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