Congratulations to Super Awesome Sylvia, who will represent Maker Faire at the White House Science Fair, which will be held Monday April 22, 2013 at 11:30 am EDT. Sylvia Todd will bring her watercolor drawbot to the White House along with her infectious energy and enthusiasm.  

From  Watch the Science Fair live in this blog post (, or at, beginning at 11:30 am EDT on Monday, April 22, 2013.

We’re happy to see the growing support and recognition for young makers, especially in the context of others who demonstrate their interest in science through participation in science fairs. Sylvia says she was inspired to start making after coming to Maker Faire with her father, James. She deserves this recognition not only for her many creative projects but also for encouraging others to become makers through her many videos and public appearances. She appeared on the cover of last year’s “School’s Out” summer issue.

Last year, Joey Hudy represented Maker Faire and his Extreme Marshmallow Cannon, which is featured in the video above, was a big hit with President Obama.

Thanks also to Mark Greenlaw of Cognizant who nominated Sylvia.   Cognizant is a major funder of programs for young makers and the Maker Education Initiative. Mark will be organizing a panel of young makers including Super Awesome Sylvia and Joey Hudy at Maker Faire Bay Area, May 18-19.    Learn more about Cognizant’s Making the Future program (PDF document), which has provided funding for youth-oriented makerspaces and community-based summer and after-school programs aimed at engaging kids as makers.

I know the Todd family must be very proud of Sylvia. I believe the entire maker community is proud of Sylvia. She is truly Super Awesome.

Check out more of Super Awesome Sylvia on MAKE.