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Ohm’s Law Reference Poster


Makezine_COTM_Resistors-BadgeI love this Ohm’s poster by ZarthCode’s Anthony Clay. In addition to the classic Ohm’s Law triangle (“It’s the Law!” the poster proclaims) it also includes a resistor color chart, a discussion of voltage dividers, as well as an explanation of the markings on surface mount resistors. Just the thing for a hackerspace! The poster and its three siblings (capacitors/inductors, transistors, and microcontrollers) can be purchased on Anthony’s site.

12 thoughts on “Ohm’s Law Reference Poster

  1. Yea the store is busted, want to buy the posters but can’t. Maybe he needs a new kickstarter project for an online store front.

  2. There’s errors in at least the inductor and capacitor poster. The inductor and capacitor reactance formulas are all mixed up.

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