Adafruit HAL 9000 Repsimile

Aaaaaaaaand we have a serious new contender for the title of Best Who’s-in-the-Box Ever. Adafruit senior designer Phillip Burgess was inspired by customers’ observations that their new-ish 10 cm “Massive Red Arcade Button” looks a lot like the iconic eye of Clarke and Kubrick’s famously malevolent mainframe. Here’s Phil, getting consistently outwitted by his creation at every turn:


For sheer comedic value, I think Brooklynite Dave Rogge’s 2012 David-Lee-Roth-in-the-Box still holds top honors, but HAL definitely wins out in the Overall Geek Cred and Enclosure Design categories. Looks like the swimsuit competition will be the deciding factor again this year.

Affordable HAL 9000 Replica | Adafruit Learning System