Pam at Gingerbread snowflakes is a master of orderly crafting, and I just love her travel kit for sewing hexies on the go.

Most of my readers know that when I am working on a project in earnest, I carry it with me almost everywhere I go to take advantage of what would otherwise be “lost” minutes! This habit is a big part of how I manage to fit as much crafty goodness into my life as I do! Generally speaking – most fiber crafts – knitting, crochet, embroidery and hand sewing – are excellent candidates! Hexies on the go – a bit more challenging! So many little bits and scraps – and hexies to corral.

To keep all those little completed 3/4″ hexes, the cutting scraps, pins, needle, thread, patterns together and organized while on the move, I put together a “hexies on the go” kit about four years ago!


Ready to get your quilting organized and ready to hit the road? Head over to Gingerbread Snowflakes to see the full how-to.

[Via Sulia]

Are you a quilter too? Tell us how you keep your projects organized!