The fine folks of the Fun Bike Unicorn Club (FBUC) are hosting the second annual Death Defying Figure 8 Races this weekend, May 18 and 19, at Maker Faire Bay Area. One look at a handful of the pedal cars that will be racing this weekend, and it’s clear the competition is going to be stiff. Pictured above is the Sederholm Speedster, made by Klaus Rappensperger of Whiskeydrunk Cycles.

Next up is the classic beauty, Number 3 by Todd Barricklow.

Joshua Thwaites’ Little Buddy is the reigning champ from last year.

The pedal car races are sharing the track (alternating heats) with the Power Racing Series, where folks hack rideable electric kids’ toys (a la Power Wheels). Pedal power and electric power sharing a track inspired Todd Barricklow to make the ingenious FBUC Tow Truck, a pedal-powered tower with a Power Wheels shell, intended to haul off electric vehicles that bite the dust.

Daniel Kjeldsen’s Trash Mobile is joining the fun.
fbuc trash mobile

Trustin O’Kane’s Too Fast for Love ride (minus rad woven seat he added):
fbuc trustin ride

Bruce’s super slick Clean Machine:
bruce clean machine

Come check out the awesome handmade peddle cars and scope the racing excitement at Maker Faire Bay Area this weekend. FBUC also brought their Whiskeydrome and old fashion dunk tank to play with!