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When we post new content on MAKE, we love hearing from our readers. Whether the comments be informative, insightful, or funny, here are our favorites from the past week, from Makezine, our Facebook page, Google+ Community, and Twitter.

In the article How CAD Empowers Kids: Carl Bass at Maker Faire, Timothy Gray comments:

My problem is AutoDesk software is impossibly high priced so that kids that are very interested are forced to pirate it. Mom And Dad cant afford $4195 for a full version of AutoCad. If they really are interested, then they will release a home user license that is affordable ($199) for the Full version.

On MAKE’s Twitter page, Ryan Ozawa contributed this:

On MAKE’s Google+ Community, maker Spinner Guy shared:

I finally finished my double pivoting “KrankiKobra” no hands monster. I formed so many new neural pathways learning to ride it my brain has gotten younger. Apparently I have the mind of a four year old.

In the article Wise Tips from MAKE Readers, James Patrick responded with:

If you have a habit of chewing your nails, don’t become a plumber.

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