Countering the Pink Aisle With Engineering Toys for Girls

Goldieblox is a wonderful company that started last year with a Kickstarter campaign to bring their first toy to market (they drew huge crowds to their booth at Maker Faire Bay Area). They specialize in creating engineering toys for girls, and they’ve put out this wonderful new promo video that gets to the heart of the matter: we need to up-end the pink toy aisles in our toystores, and get more STEM-related kits and toys on the shelves that will appeal to the girls who will be our leaders tomorrow. Their motto, “more than just a princess,” is perfect.

13 thoughts on “Countering the Pink Aisle With Engineering Toys for Girls

  1. I read about this yesterday, some people approached the product with hostility, comparing it to a sewing machine bobbin being wound up, I personally think, that although the product may not be perfect, it at least teaches young children the correct definition of engineering. There are people who think an engineer is a car mechanic or an electrician and it’s ignorance like that that should be changed.

  2. Nice initiative, but still pretty pink and fluffy. I really love the ‘more than a princess’ slogan, and I wish the company the best of luck, but for now I am sticking with offering my 18 month girl all the duplo and lego she wants while helping her to make things she feels she needs (a step up built from duplo to get onto the high sofa, a farm wall for her wooden animals).

  3. I initially had high hopes for this. But the toy seems to offer no way to really build anything or use your imagination. I passed on the kickstarter and I’ll keep looking for good toys to learn engineering for my daughter.

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