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How-To: Build a Ball Pit on Your Porch


Hopefully at this point, everyone is in the middle of a long holiday weekend — or at the very least, starting a normal-sized weekend. Sure, the fireworks may be over, but why not keep the celebration going by building a ball pit for your porch? Toronto’s Kevin James Hunt did that very thing, and he documented the process so you can make your own, too. He explains:

A lot of people have asked me “Why would you, as an adult, want to own a ball pit?” And the answer every time is “because of this xkcd comic.” There’s something about a ball pit that just screams PURE FUN. You cant sit in a ball pit and not smile. It’s like you turn to jello and float on plastic bubbles of multi-colored joy. I have spent a large portion of my summer in my balcony ball pit, and I could go on about stress-relieving effects, or about “deciding what ‘being an adult’ means in the 21st century”, or even about how this is probably something you dreamed about as a child/teenager/college student, but really, it’s a ball pit on a balcony. How does that NOT sound awesome?

I agree. Well done, sir!

The xkcd comic that inspired the DIY ball pit.
The xkcd comic that inspired the DIY ball pit.
Pad your wooden box with interlocking foam pads.
Cushion your wooden box with interlocking foam pads.

[via the Maker Camp G+ Community]

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