Here’s a fun contraption that’s past its funding goal on Kickstarter; it turns an iPhone into a 3D camera and viewer:

Poppy works with iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5 and the fifth generation iPod Touch. You put your phone in and Poppy’s mirrors capture two stereographic images using your iPhone’s single camera.

When you look in the viewfinder, Poppy’s lenses combine the two video streams into a single, crisp, 3D video. It’s beautiful, and really hard to describe or show in two dimensions.

It doesn’t need batteries and there are no electronics. It’s just optics and your iPhone’s camera and screen, so we can keep the price low without sacrificing quality.

No Android (or other phone) version yet, but in their FAQ, they say:

For now, we’re only working with the iPhone. Poppy is big enough to fit other devices (it’s wide enough for the Samsung Galaxy S4), but the camera placement on many devices is different enough that we’ll need to swap out a part to make the mirrors line up correctly. We’re keeping a tally of how many people ask about this, though, so please let us know if you’d like to see Poppy for your phone. We’d love it to work for everyone!

I backed this myself, and I’m happy to see that they hit the stretch goal that puts a tripod mount on every unit. I’m looking forward to taking a bunch of 3D pictures with this.