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DIY Vegetable Garden

Ramshackle Glam-DIY veg garden

LOVE a veggie garden but not sure how to make one yourself? Ramshackle Glam can show you how!

12 thoughts on “DIY Vegetable Garden

  1. Really, guys? There are plenty of places on the internet that tell you how to make a raised bed, but this is definitely not one of them. It just gives a very quick list of why it’s a good idea, and even that isn’t very informative. I expect better from this blog.

    1. There are makers that span the range of beginners to experts and there are tutorials that do the same. Sometimes I am more in the mood for a project-at-a-glance, so like to fill that need too. Take what you like and leave what you don’t! Thanks!

      1. Accurately characterizing the links that are shared here really facilitates taking what I like and leaving the rest. The link shared above has no how-to element whatsoever, unless you count the link to where you can buy one at Lowe’s. If you’re “not sure how to make one yourself,” this blog does nothing to show you how. I mean, post what you want, but “Ramshackle Glam shares a few quick thoughts about why you might want to build a raised bed.” would at least tell what awaits if you click through.

  2. I think I’d rather make my own box garden than assemble one purchased from a big box store. More gratifying and I’m sure better quality as well.

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