An Unassuming Electric Vehicle

With the goal of illustrating “the simplicity that alternative energy vehicles could embody,” George Schnakenberg curated and built The Sleeper Bike, an electric motor-assisted bicycle that also sports a stylish look. The San Francisco-based design director handmade the leather battery bag and retrofitted the bike frame with a Hill Topper electric bike kit from Clean Republic. According to George, “the high torque motor assists the user up any hill San Francisco can dish out.”

12 thoughts on “An Unassuming Electric Vehicle

  1. Very nice looking. However, it’s pretty obvious that what appears to be power cables under the top tube have been photoshopped (very poorly) out of the photos.

      1. Thanks Nathan. The frame is a Mission Bicycles Sutro frame, so the shifter and brake cables are hidden inside the frame, but thanks for thinking about it. The power cables are adhered to the bottom of the tube with gorilla tape. I did some clean up on a pucker towards the back, so nice catch on the area where I rubber stamped part of the power cable by accident.

  2. stuff the frame with batteries, its hollow tubing wasting space…hello am i can not be the only one thinking this.

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