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How to Spot a Fake Arduino


Arduino’s Massimo Banzi wrote a lengthy piece on the Arduino blog describing the organization’s challenges with fakes, clones, derivatives, and Kickstarter name-droppers. If you want a clear and authoritative explanation of the pitfalls and advantages of being open source, this is it.

[via HaD]

2 thoughts on “How to Spot a Fake Arduino

  1. By linking to a Kickstarter search for all projects that mention the word “Arduino” and by way of your wording, you are insinuating that all clones, derivatives, and compatibles are detrimental to the Arduino ecosystem – if not directly detrimental to the brand itself.

    And that’s just not supported by Massimo’s position expressed in the article, nor is it supported by the guidelines posted on the Arduino website here: and here:

    They really only have a problem with the counterfeiters. None of which (to my knowledge) have ever managed to successfully fund a Kickstarter campaign.

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