Kickstart This: Recycled Fire Hose Mats

Just in time to coincide with our “Danger” issue hitting the stands, our Maker-in-Chief Sherry Huss came across this wonderful Kickstarter for household mats made from recycled fire hoses. This is your chance to pick up a beautifully designed product that embraces reuse and honors the importance of firefighters:

The thing is – tons of fire hose winds up as land fill across the U.S. each month. Until now, most fire departments simply didn’t have an alternative. Hose fails at some point and becomes unsafe. And, what can’t be donated gets thrown out. (Which can also mean a hefty expense in disposal fees.)

So, we decided to try to do something about that. At Oxgut, we get decommissioned fire hose into the hands of great designers and artisans, where the hose is given new life. Our mats are a perfect example. They’re a wonderful way to display the fire hose and appreciate its history, in a utilitarian way.

Check out the project page here, and take a look at all the projects we’re interested on the MAKE curated Kickstarter page.


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