Turn low, mid, and high frequencies of audio into bursts of light with the Easy LED Color Organ, a beginner-friendly breadboard project made with about 30 components. Based on the Color Organ Triple Deluxe that is in turn based on an earlier LED Color Organ, this “easy” version is entirely solderless and will only take one hour to assemble once you’ve gathered all the components needed.

With the aide of an audio y-splitter, plug in your audio source to pump the tunes to the breadboard and simultaneously listen and watch as the LEDs beat to the rhythm of music.

Combining some very simple circuits that use a transistor, resistors, and capacitor, the Easy LED Color Organ filters specific frequencies from the audio input and in turn blinks corresponding LEDs. The circuit schematic below shows the project’s four sections, and the video further below shows this blinky breadboard in action!