According to Max Thrun, his BeagleBone GamingCape “transforms your BeagleBone into a full fledged hand-held gaming console capable of playing all the classics such as NES, Gameboy, Sega GameGear, and even Doom.” It’s an impressive feat on its own, but made even better by his epic build video, which shows the design and assembly of his DIY portable gaming console. The PCB sports a 320×240 TFT LCD, analog control stick, gyro, accelerometer, compass, and audio codec all powered by an on-board 4xAAA battery pack.

Max has provided all the design files on the project page of his site. It not only includes the schematic, board layout, case design, but even his own patches to existing gaming emulators. It’s a gesture that makes this build even more epic. [via Liliputing]