This week’s Art and Design week on Maker Camp produced some great hangouts and lots of cool projects from the growing Maker Camp community on Google+. You’re a member, aren’t you? Have a look at some of the projects and art makers made this past week and stay tuned for Maker Camp Monday as we kick off DIY Music week.

Ari Bari began a paper mâché project a few weeks ago and it’s finished now for all to see. Nice work! It gives me some ideas of faux taxidermy I might make with my kids for their rooms.
13 - 1

As promised, a picture of my mounted paper mâché unicorn head. I love the whimsy it adds to a room!

From maker Grace Kelly:
photo (1) copy 2

My ‘cereal box’ robots from Day one of Art and Design week at Maker Camp. I didn’t have any empty cereal boxes or other boxes lying around, so when I watched the hangout, I used their idea of the coffee cans. Mine is an italian waiter – he actually is very fun for holding candles in the palms of his “hands.” This project was superfun!

We had a blast hanging out with Lumi’s’ Jesse Genet. She posted this for a little added inspiration to get you making.

Print your own galaxy with Inkodye! Here’s a nifty project we did using Inkodye that shows you how to use multiple colors to create a space effect.

Maker Anastasia Surguladze has posted some great stuff. Like this lamp and 3D drawing:


Our DIY rope bracelets were a big hit. Here’s what Jenna Alma came up with:
IMG_0864 IMG_0865

And finally here’s a cool spin art project from our own Kelley Benck:

See you next week!