“Your Projects” is a column that features some of the awesome creations our readers have been making. These projects from our readers come from the MAKE Google+ Community and beyond.


On our Google+ page, Daniel McGregor shared some highlights from the recent Maker Faire Hannover.


David Watts shares:

I decided to mod my lovely old radio (actually only 1993 or 96 but it still looks vintage) to use as a portable MP3 player speaker. I wanted to keep the radio functionality and not damage the radio, so I opted for an extra amplifier. I chose a quick and easy solution, I bought a cheap lm386 mini mono amplifier board from ebay and basically shoved it in there.

I also had to sum the stereo signal, essentially mixing it together to input into the amp.


Chris Savage shares:

Its a (sort of) Discrete LiFePO4 Charger. Its going to be the building block for a PIC smart Charger. The Tiny little IC to the left is a Current Sense IC..Which For some reason doesnt work properly. I actually realized I could just sense R4 and dont need the current sense circuitry.


Last week Alex Larson was “just playing around on a CNC.”


On the Maker Camp community, we saw this:

We made a Spin-bot at the Woodbury Library! We took turns adding parts. We also made a rocket glider but it crashed much too early and lost a wing! Luckily we put together smaller non-rocket gliders and made them do all sorts of tricks.


To wrap up we’ll show camper Daphne Barretto’s project, with its succinct caption: “Motor.”

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