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Raspberry Pi Emulates a Retro Mac at 1/3 Scale

John Badger from RetroMacCast shows off his replica retro Macintosh which he built using sheet PVC, a Raspberry Pi, and a screen with a resolution of 320×200. The Raspberry Pi runs Mini vMac, a Macintosh emulator for System 7 and earlier. Not only can it actually be used as a Mac, but amazingly, it was also built at one-third scale:

For a breakdown of the parts and a few more shots (including the interior) check out John’s write-up on RetroMacCast.

6 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi Emulates a Retro Mac at 1/3 Scale

  1. What more can one say other than WOW …… much from such a small place ……………..I love it and cute to Oh to have a dream that soon every thing could be smaller and to think that this is the start ……………………….Man you ROCK ……….Thank you so much for the share

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