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powered by Movers & MakersFord is working with MAKE to profile owners of the Transit Connect, a vehicle that offers creative types a small, modifiable vehicle to suit their passions and personal pursuits. In this series, we’ll be profiling Transit Connect owners and looking at how they’ve customized their rides.

From kitchen, to backyard to a fully operational greenhouse, this is the story of Sebastopol Micro Greens. They’ve built a thriving business fueled by young edible plants and the ability to bring their produce to market across the Bay Area with a nimble, customizable vehicle.

Watch the video below to see how Sebastopol Micro Greens put their vehicle to use, and leave a comment below telling us how you would modify the Transit Connect if you had one.

Trays of micro greens grown in a greenhouse, go from seed-and-soil to edible plant in about 10 days.
Trays of micro greens grown in a greenhouse go from seed-and-soil to edible plant in about 10 days.
Delivery of the micro greens throughout the Bay Area.
Delivery of the micro greens throughout the Bay Area.

4 thoughts on “Movers and Makers: Sebastopol Micro Greens

  1. I love those vans… I want to someday have a mobile hackerspace, and I always thought a trailer of some sort would be Ideal, but now I think a trailer and a connect like that would be ideal! I want to set up a microforge, 3d printer, milling and lathe machine, programming suite, electronic components, art and woodworking tools, and other necessary tools. Then, I would travel to various fairs or parks etc and rent time in this mobile studio. Long term goal, a permanent address as well. Version 1, I may try to operate on bicycle

    1. Keep me posted on your progress Mitch. Having been inside a few of these Connects I can tell you they are spacious, way more than you would think. If you don’t mind being the type of person who shifts around the bed when you wake up to have an office or working space, it’s perfect. You can stand up bent over in the cab, or sit down with plenty of room overhead. I’ve seen grills and kitchens in them; as well as key-cutting machines and small machine shops like you say. Lots of versatility. Thanks for reading!

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