Ah, Labor Day weekend. It typcially signals the end of Summer (though there are three more weeks until the season changes on the calendar). It’s time for one last BBQ before putting away the equipment. And it’s time for one last DIY project that isn’t attached to Halloween, Thanksgiving, or the December holidays. I scoured Vine for some six-second inspirations, and I think you’ll like what I found. Indeed, I may well have to tackle the beer bottle lamp myself!

[Note: if the Vines don’t autostart, just click them in the center to play]

10 thoughts on “15 Fun Vines for Your Labor Day DIY Inspiration

  1. Oh good ANOTHER web thingie based on flash to view media with that doesn’t work any better than what we already have. Doesn’t work on my pc even when I turn off flashblock. Why not use youtube?!?

  2. I can’t get vines to run, either, even when I tell Noscript to allow everything on the page and do “unsafe reload.” Not just for this post, but for several other vines-based posts recently.

    Sigh. Another “revolutionary” technology.

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