Live sign making @MakerFaireOTTIf Twitter activity is any indication of impact, Ottawa Mini Maker Faire this past weekend made a distinct imprint. Many great pictures came through the #makerfaire keyword feed, and the images and brief captions communicated a great range of content and a very happy crowd.

The Ottawa Citizen reported that over 4,000 people attended the 3rd annual fair (the first time, though, it was held at the Canadian Science and Technology Museum). Hackaday did a juicy round-up of interesting projects, with shots of a Raspberry Pi controlled pinball machine and creepy eyeball tracking sculpture that, once locked on to a target, opens up its iris and stares.

Congrats to Ottawa Mini Maker Faire organizing entity, Artengine, for a job well-done! Check out the evidence:

Many thanks to Montreal Mini Maker Faire organizer Dannielle Dyson (via @MakerFaireMTL) and Artengine Board of Director member Diana Cantu (@DCantuBiz) for much of this coverage.