One of the most important things we do at MAKE is to bring amazing makers together. Whether it’s through our blog posts, featured interviews, videos, hangouts, Maker Faires, or otherwise, the Maker Movement exists because we can connect with each other, share our ideas, and build communities of support. Toward that end, we want to connect the makers we know with those who follow us on Twitter. The team here at MAKE HQ has built a list of the makers we know, and think deserve your attention. You can browse these folks in the slideshow above, and follow the associated links out to follow them individually. Or if you’re game, follow them all via the Twitter List we created.

To start, we have 100 folks (makers and a few MAKE staffers) on the list. But we want to hear from you about who YOU think should be included. Nominate your favorite makers in the comments below, and we’ll look at adding them to the Twitter list in the future. We hope this will become THE social directory for makers online!


Ken is the Grand Nagus of He's a husband and father from the SF Bay Area, and has written three books filled with projects for geeky parents and kids to share.

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