Today I was disturbed by reading the story of an awful fatality of an RC hobbyist in Brooklyn and I was reminded how a day of fun can end abruptly with a tragic accident. No one wants that to happen.

Remote-Controlled Model Helicopter Fatally Strikes Its Operator

A 19-year-old man was killed when a model helicopter that he was piloting in Calvert Vaux Park struck him in the head, the authorities said.

RC flight gives some of the pleasures of flying without the accompanying dangers, I had supposed. Yet there are real dangers, as there are doing most things. Promotions selling drones or quadcopters often promise that anyone can fly. Not everyone takes safety as seriously as we should. This story is a reminder of the possible danger to ourselves, to others and to property from operating unsafely or unexpectedly losing control. Be careful, makers.

Today, I also came across this 1917 poster on a wall in our office and I made the connection.


Carl Malamud of, who shares the Make office in Sebastopol, had found this WWI-era poster archived at the Smithsonian.