Stacking Your Next Circuit With Bryx


I love this — BRYX is a Lego-esque brick with power and data pins sticking through the hubs, allowing you to stack multiple bricks of different functionality.

There’s an RGB LED brick that also packs an ATTiny85 microcontroller, a “CPU brick” with an ATmega328, the same chip as on the Arduino. There’s a USB brick — used to program the microcontroller brick (via the Arduino IDE) and to power the whole construction. Finally, they’ve built a Bluetooth brick that can be controlled by a phone or tablet. They’re also planning sensors, motors, and other modules.

They have a video showing off controlling the LED bricks of a BRYX stack with a voice-controlled iPhone app… cool!

The creators, unemployed aerospace engineers Daniel McShan and Justin Grinwis, are pursuing funding via a Kickstarter campaign. Check them out and give them a hand if you want!

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