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How-To: Make a Paper Airplane fly Forever

Take your paper airplane skills up a notch with this incredible trick from Viral Video Lab to make your airplane fly forever using the heat of an electric stove!

[via Laughing Squid]

22 thoughts on “How-To: Make a Paper Airplane fly Forever

  1. ICantBelieveItsNotButter says:

    It’s fake right.

  2. Matt Campbell (@mattrcampbell) says:

    Really people?

  3. frankyboom says:

    It should be titled, how to start a fire with a paper airplane

  4. Me says:

    could this be done with a fan rather than the stove?

    1. Andrew Salomone says:

      Here’s some info from the youtube video post that might answer your question:

      “The principal is the same as in real aviation: thermals. Thermals allow real sailplanes to fly for hours. As real thermals are to strong for our selfmade paper airplane, we are using a miniature thermal that everyone has in his kitchen: Hotplates. Four hot plates producing hot air which rises and let our paperplane fly as long as we want. The paper aeroplane must be centered while it performs it turns, in the middle of the for heating plates. so it took me about 87 takes to produce this video. if the paper airplane isn´t exactly in the centre of the plates, it will drop off. So feel free to build your own paperplane and let it fly as long as you want in your kitchen. Good Luck.”

      1. Simon says:

        The principle is the same except this includes a piece of fishing line. I’m sorry but thermals would be more destabilising than this and greatest lift is also occurring when not above the hot plates.

  5. OyiaBrown says:

    Reblogged this on Oyia Brown.

  6. shadow says:

    Really? People believe this is real? Try this for yourself and be confused as you cant figure out why this doesn’t really work. He forgot the instruction about tying it with fishing line. He doesn’t even throw the plane over one of the “thermals” he throws it off to the side. Watch again. Please.

    1. Justin says:

      It makes sense he throws to the side but with the rest you are right. Thermals generate inconsistent turbulence especially between the 4 plates and would fall off suddenly out over the front of the stove. the flight is much much too consistent. Since when is Make magazine into such fraud … it’s not April Fools day.

  7. Enzo says:

    I love paper airplanes and whether or not we can replicate this exact scenario, I do think there’s much that can be learned from it. Like some of the other walkalong gliders we’ve seen popping up, by manipulating the airflow through funneling or like here, temps, it’s quite possible to do some cool stuff with these planes.

  8. Karen says:

    Look at the video closely. You don’t even need to look at the paper plane! Look at the dials on the stove top…they are ALL on the off position. The stove top isn’t even turned on. FAKE. Plus the camera angle is sketchy. Why aim the camera down? You should aim it higher so you can see the plane flying!

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