DiResta: Bandsaw Stand


World Maker Faire New York is this weekend and I will be doing bandsaw demos. I looked on line for a cheap, portable bandsaw to bring to the fair and in this video you see the 10-inch saw I purchased for the occasion. It’s a ” bench top” saw small enough for mounting on—a bench top.

But since I will using this one at the fair I’ll need a stand with a shelf for the small vacuum. I used 5/8″ square stock steel for the legs,2’x2″ angle iron for the top frame, and 1/8″ x 3/4″ flat stock for a simple old school industrial deco arch I put on each side. The arch sides are inspired by the Eiffel Tower. I recently saw a picture of the tower and it gave me the idea for the detail.

2″x2″ angle iron
5/8″ square stock
3/4″ bamboo ply
Nuts and bolts

Hand-held bandsaw
Table saw

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6 thoughts on “DiResta: Bandsaw Stand

  1. What is finish? Just black paint? Love the stand. Usually make them out of 2×4, and crap they get heavy. I need to get/learn to use a welder, so I can make lighter weight steel stands and jigs.

  2. I’ve read to push a weld but you appear to pull yours? Can you offer some guidance here? I’m trying to become educated in welding as I save up for what was recommended to me in the way of gear.

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