Smart Jars for storing stuff.

Smart Jars for storing stuff–like Maker Faire swag.

Giacomo Strollo has a system for storing stuff: he calls it Smart Jars.

He designed them to hold spices, or craft supplies, or bolts. But they are also perfect for just the sort of small, free things that you’ll be collecting at World Maker Faire New York.

And you can pick up a pair of Smart Jars free, at Maker Faire.

The reason for the giveaway: Strollo is planning a Kickstarter campaign… soon. As soon as the video is done. In the meantime, he’s trying to line up backers for that day when the project pops up on Kickstarter. So he’ll give you two of his Smart Jars for free, attached to their own mini-pegboard square, if you just give him your email address. He’s over in Zone C, in the Maker Pavilion.

You can count on hearing from him when the Kickstarter campaign goes live. But by then you’ll have those two Smart Jars stuffed with Maker Faire trinkets, gizmos, and pins.

And maybe Strollo will have a happy customer ready to back his Kickstarter campaign.


Update: Strollo’s Kickstarter Campaign for the Smart Jars is now live, you can pick up a pack of 6 jars for $25.