Voltset – The Earth’s Smartest Multimeter
Voltset - The smartest multimeter.
Voltset – The smartest multimeter.
Tom Wang, Voltset
Tom Wang, Voltset

When Tom Wang created what he calls the smartest and tiniest multimeter on Earth, he had a longer term vision in mind. Before I explain that, let me describe what Voltset is.

Voltset connects via USB to your Android smartphone, which acts as the user interface. It is designed to be programmable, so you can customize it to your needs, and code can always be updated. It takes smart measurements and provides data tracking, which is not something most multimeters do. And of course, it is designed to be really, really small.

There are two models, the Mini and the Mega. The Mini-Voltset provides voltage and connectivity testing only. It still has all the smart data tracking and programable features as its big brother. It can handle voltage readings from 0 to 250V AC or DC.

The Mega-Voltset adds current readings up to 10 amps and resistance measurements with better than 3% accuracy. The Mega also uses laser technology to isolate the electronics from the thing being measured. So your connected smartphone has nothing to worry about.

Voltset’s app is where it really differentiates itself. The software can provide the user with guidance. For example, displaying how an AC power outlet should be properly wired, or what voltage levels are safe for an appliance.

Now, remember that bit at the beginning about a vision? Here it is. Voltset wants to put an electrician in every house, every small remote village, and every place that needs one. Tom Wang hopes to build libraries of educational tutorials, so that anyone can learn to fix common electrical problems. He plans to allow for open software development. So there’s potential for users to build their own tutorials, and share them in a community. Imagine a user in Gambia fixing his village school’s lights with a tutorial written by another user in Chennai.

If you are at Maker Faire, stop by the Voltset table inside the Hall of Science in the lower gallery. Or visit the Voltset website. The Voltset Mini and Mega are available for pre-order in limited quantities (only 100 each!) for $40 and $50, respectively. You can also just sign up to be included in news and updates if you are not ready to buy. They are planning a Kickstarter campaign in the future, so be sure to sign up for their email list if you are interested.


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