It’s Day 2 of Maker Faire. Time to light out for new territory.

Zone E to be exact.

It’s new this year. It’s past the Maker Shed and through the gates, next to the Science Playground. On your map it’s way over on the right. Next to the Make robot. Even if this is Day One for you, it’s worth a trip.

The Butterfly Bikes will be waiting for you.


These pedallers from the Austin Bike Zoo are ready to squire you around. Another pedal-riffic Zone E attraction: the Blender Bikes. Take a turn blending something interesting, like marshmallows.


There’s also FIRE! in Zone E — care of the BioLite crew. They are demonstrating their cool, tiny camp stove.


As you’re strolling, keep moving until you see the giant mylar dome.


Mysterious isn’t it? Here’s what’s inside.


It’s a “Cooperative Phonograph” by Michael Flynn, which uses forgotten 19th century audio technology to create a tactile way to interact with sound. You have to try it.

And when you exit the mylar dome, look around. You’ve reached something rare: an edge of Maker Faire (doesn’t it always seem to go on and on?) Now you can turn around and head back to Science Avenue, smugly confident that you’ve explored one of this year’s Maker Faire frontiers.