Atmel Panel

Brian Jepson weighing in on makers in education.

It’s not just Maker Faire here in New York—it’s Maker Week—and there are a huge number of side-events, panels, and hackathons going on around the city. As part of this Atmel hosted a makers in education panel with Reza Kazerounian (Atmel), Massimo Banzi (Arduino), Suzanne Deffree (EDN), Brian Jepson (MAKE), Bob Martin (Atmel), Annmarie Thomas (University of St Thomas) and Quin Etnyre (Qtechknow), and moderated by Windell Oskay (Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories).

When someone asked about makers in education, Brian Jepson said,

A maker will teach you how to pick locks, but they won’t teach you how to break into a bank

which goes right to the heart of the maker culture. Massimo Banzi also made interesting points about the Arduino

….[the Arduino] is less about the power of technology and more about reducing friction

and that he was more proud that he’d got the Arduino into Radio Shack, than he was about the board itself,

The Radio Shack deal was an achievement, not the product.

because that meant it widely available for other people to work with—and then for to make things.