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Soft Furniture From Foam Rubber




Tired of the tedious reliability of furniture built from solid materials just standing up straight all over the place? Add a little functional whimsy to your abode with these poetically impractical pieces of soft furniture made from foam rubber by Studio Dewi van de Klomp.

[via Design Milk]

4 thoughts on “Soft Furniture From Foam Rubber

  1. hardwarebajaar says:

    This is really a cool idea… Is there a way you can share the concept with us so that we can sell it online in our online hardware store for India and Indian customers. I am sure lot of people will be interested for the same.
    But I have a feeling that its but risky in terms of safety against fire. I dont know. I might be wrong. But just a thought… I think by putting a fire resistance coating over it, it will make this product a huge success in the market…

  2. Dennis says:

    Good for earthquake-prone areas.

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