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Want to make a wooden enclosure in the shape of a tube? This project uses scrap pine, cut into ring shapes and then glued. You can then smooth the outside in a lathe, then cut it open to add the guts of the project. Follow along with the slides above to see how to make one of your own.

By the way, this cylinder is one of the enclosures from my latest book, Arduino for Beginners: Essential Skills Every Maker Needs (Que, ISBN: 978-0789748836; you can pre-order it on Amazon if it looks useful to you.)

8 thoughts on “13 Steps to Make a Cylindrical Wooden Enclosure

  1. why not use a hole saw for the outside too? You could do the outside hole saw first, then put some screws in the inside section screwing it to a bigger board to hold, then use a smaller hole saw (with the same pilot hole) and drill out the inside.

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